Totara Recipe: How to Improve Mandatory Compliance Take-up

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totara recipe on improving mandatory compliance take-up



It can be a nightmare ensuring that your employees are up to date with their mandatory compliance training. Poor take-up can be down to inconvenience, time constraints, irrelevant or poorly delivered modules, and even lack of interest. Following this recipe should help to improve your organization’s mandatory compliance statistics, which should afford you greater peace of mind.


  • Flexible and scalable LMS platform

  • Instructional Designer

  • Compliance Officer

  • Reference materials on managing risks


Carry out a risk assessment to understand, identify and manage risks within your organization. Publish policies for handling these risks. Send out a survey to the workforce to ascertain current compliance knowledge.


  • Create compliance modules detailing risks specific for each team or job role. These can include employee health & safety, environmental, regulatory, and esafety.

  • Add video or storyboard real-life scenarios for more effective immersion. This allows employees to use skills and knowledge quickly.

  • Branching scenarios allow learners to make decisions and see the impact of their choices.

  • Make the modules engaging by including interactive elements such as quizzes and surveys.

  • To motivate the learner, add gamification components such as leader boards, badges and rewards.

  • Where appropriate, require online assessment.

  • Set up tracking to show an employee’s progress.

  • Schedule reminders when it’s time to refresh a module.

Serve & Enjoy!

By making compliance training relevant and engaging using an LMS like Totara, more employees should take up the modules, particularly when automatic reminders let them know when more learning is required.

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