Talent Management Enhanced with Totara LMS Enterprise

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Talent Management Enhanced with Totara LMS Enterprise

Totara LMS is freely available as open source e-learning software, while the Enterprise edition comes with additional features on a subscription basis. Version 2.6 of the Enterprise edition was launched this week, making available a range of enhancements to existing features, more customizable navigation, and the ability to switch off or hide features that are not currently needed. The latter change is becoming increasingly important to prevent Totara’s users becoming overwhelmed with the fast-growing range of features within the platform.

Commenting on the new version in a press release for v2.6, Richard Wyles, Chief Executive of Totara Learning Solutions, said “We’ve reached the point where, in terms of feature-set, Totara LMS has caught up or surpassed the previously more fancied platforms. Our mission to offer better value and freedom may sound simple but we believe it’s really important. ”

As one of the newer learning management systems on the market, Totara LMS was made in line with the needs of modern business and on-the-go learning from the outset. The frequent and numerous improvements to Totara are enhancing what was already a great LMS. An excellent core platform, plus this commitment to continuous improvement of it is the reason why at Webanywhere we chose Totara LMS as one of our preferred solutions for corporate clients.

Webanywhere is a Totara Platinum Partner


As a Totara LMS platinum partner, we have helped clients across diverse industries to enhance training, CPD and talent management for tens of thousands of staff.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you to improve staff training and talent management within your organization.

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