Why Twitter Is a Great Corporate Training and Social Learning Tool

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Why Twitter Is a Great Corporate Training and Social Learning Tool

If there’s one social media network to look at for enhancing corporate training and learning, it’s Twitter.

Twitter is an easy to use, but surprisingly powerful social media platform that can become an important part of your corporate learning toolkit. Jane Hart’s Top 100 Tools for learning has actually voted Twitter as the top learning tool for the last 5 years.

So how does this Twitter learning work, you ask? Let’s have a look at how to go about using Twitter as a corporate training and social learning tool.

Twitter can help you incorporate current events into your learning content

If the topic of your elearning course is rapidly developing, it’s important to include some of these new developments into your content. Updating the course every few weeks is nearly impossible because of the necessary time investment. Instead, you can use Twitter research to find out about current developments and events on the subject matter.

Let students conduct Twitter research in between course chapters, based on interesting hashtags or Twitter accounts that you have identified.

This way your course will stay relevant for a longer time, without the need for constant content updates.


Curating content

Use a unique hashtag that students can use to share information with each other and students in other class groups. This will help you create a larger learning community, in which students can learn from each other, whether they are in the same class or not. Students all over the world can learn together and curate the best content from around the web.

The lecturer can also create their own curated list of interesting Tweets and share the most informative student Tweets.

Social learning has the power to extend way beyond the original training course.

Trend monitoring

Twitter can provide a great source of ideas for new course topics or course content. Browse through Tweets about your industry and search for commonly used hashtags to discover trends. Some of these trends may be important enough to base an entire new training course about or at least to devote a course chapter.

You can use social media tools such as Hootsuite or Hubspot for identifying trending topics on Twitter.

Providing training support

Twitter can be used as a training support tool for online training courses. Twitter chat sessions can be organized, during which students can discuss training topics and ask each other questions, while the course instructor takes a back seat and moderates.

Outside of these chat sessions, a specific hashtag can be used for when a student has a question.

The possibilities of using Twitter as a corporate training and learning tool are quite extensive. Considering that the social network is completely free of charge, we believe it’s worthwhile to give it a try.


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