JCAHO Accreditation, Training and eLearning

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JCAHO Accreditation, Training and eLearning

Accreditation by JCAHO is recognized throughout the US as a symbol of quality. Being accredited by the JCAHO demonstrates a healthcare organization’s commitment to providing safe and high-level care.

Why Should Your Healthcare Organization Apply for JCAHO Accreditation?

Joint Commission accreditation involves a number of benefits. Here are a few reasons why your healthcare organization should consider JCAHO accreditation:

Gaining a competitive edge: Accreditation demonstrates your organization’s commitment to higher quality and safer healthcare service. It will increase community trust in your organization and help you compete better in the competitive healthcare sector.

Risk reduction and possibly reduced liability insurance costs: JCAHO standards help healthcare organizations better focus on providing safer and higher quality care, which reduces the risk of error and could lower the cost of liability insurance.

A potential substitute for federal Medicare and Medicaid certification surveys: For some organizations, having JCAHO accreditation is sufficient to receive Medicare or Medicaid certification.

Improved recruitment: Many healthcare professionals prefer to work in an accredited organization, making it easier for accredited organizations to attract good personnel.

Why JCAHO Training?

Accreditation is not a one-time event, with the Joint Commission requiring a new survey every 3 years, a yearly periodic performance review and data on patient treatments to be sent every 3 months.

Organizing regular JCAHO training sessions for your staff provides a great way of helping your healthcare organization perform up to JCAHO standards and gain or retain accreditation.

Why eLearning is a Great Option for JCAHO Training

Healthcare workers are busy professionals who usually don’t have many gaps in their schedule that they can dedicate to classroom training sessions. This makes it very difficult for a healthcare organization to provide JCAHO training for all personnel in a timely manner. eLearning is a great alternative to traditional training that can help alleviate this issue. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of eLearning for JCAHO training:

Learn anywhere anytime: eLearning allows staff members to carry out their JCAHO training sessions at a time that’s most convenient for them and from wherever they are most comfortable studying.

Better tracking: Most eLearning providers offer tracking functionalities that allow managers in charge of training and development track progress on JCAHO elearning throughout the organization.

Better value: eLearning allows students to study on their own from their office or home. This means there are no travel, food, trainer or classroom expenses that often make traditional training very costly.

Higher retention: A well-structured eLearning course may lead to better information retention and thus contribute to better and safer care.

JCAHO training can be invaluable for hospitals and healthcare organizations to help them stay compliant with JCAHO standards, improve quality of care and better market their services. eLearning provides the most flexible and most cost-effective JCAHO training for healthcare organizations.

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