Selling in the Medical Device Market

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Selling in the Medical Device Market

As an innovative knowledge management tool, Promatum has the power to enable medical device sales through knowledge acquisition. Designed specifically for “just in time” access to content, your Sales Reps can access product information just a few minutes before or during their pitches.

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Main Challenges

1. High Competition

– 80% of medical device organizations employ less than 50 people

– Google, Apple, and Microsoft are entering the medical device market

2. Affordable Care Act

As a result of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, physicians keep losing their ability to be final decision makers when it comes to buying medical devices.

  • 35% of doctors are employed either by a hospital or in a single or multi-specialty owned by a hospital.
  • 14% are employed by a privately owned single or multi-specialty clinic.
  • The number of primary care physicians employed by hospitals increased from 10% in 2012 to 20% in 2014.


Medical Sales Success

1. Knowledge Sharing

Make sure your marketing and sales teams are exchanging knowledge and data through a knowledge management tool, like Promatum.

More than 60% of companies who invested in collaborative frameworks achieved big gains in knowledge sharing and communication accuracy between marketing and sales.
2. Mobile Devices

In conjunction with sales CRM systems and apps, mobile devices can boost the efficiency of sales staff as well as support employees and medical liaisons.

Being able to access proprietary information and training from anywhere at any time, Sales reps are always ready to craft an effective sales pitch.
3. Assessment

Track sales activity and training through your sales enablement tool to ensure your Sales Reps are ready before their sales pitch.