Mobile Learning for Healthcare Professionals

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Mobile Learning for Healthcare Professionals

Training in the healthcare sector is unique in terms of the challenges related to the constantly changing environment as new research and development creates new best practices that may require instant retraining. What is more, the healthcare sector is highly regulated and the lack of mandatory compliance training may lead into not meeting the industry regulations.

However, traditional classroom based training presents a number of challenges. It is not always the most convenient for healthcare professionals as it usually involves travelling and that takes away the time that could be spent caring for patients. Using classroom based training may be difficult to organize because healthcare professionals are often very busy. Travelling involved in the training and using valuable time away from jobs can make classroom based training very expensive.

Mobile learning is among the fastest growing areas of elearning technologies. The potential that mobile learning has in the healthcare sector is huge and it is being recognised as the training solution that can provide accessible and flexible training for healthcare professionals. Here are some of the main benefits of mobile learning for healthcare professionals.


Mobile learning can help to save money spent on training as it does not require to spend money on travelling and learners do not need to spend any time away from work.


Mobile learning can be accessed on mobile phones and tablets. This provides instant accessibility to learning materials which leads to quick knowledge distribution. Learning materials can be accessed from anywhere at any time which means that healthcare professionals do not need to waste the valuable time travelling to access the training.


Instant feedback can be provided with mobile learning. This can help to increase learner motivation and engagement.

Micro learning

Mobile technologies can be used to provide training in short, bite-sized units which can make learning more effective. Micro learning makes it easy to access learning materials when needed, therefore useful information can be accessed without highly affecting the normal work day and as discussed before, the time factor is crucial for healthcare professionals.


Learning materials can be updated instantly as the new changes in the healthcare sector come along. New learning materials can be added to learning platforms as required and learners can be instantly notified about any changes made to their LMS.

Mobile learning is a valuable option when it comes to continued education for healthcare professionals. It can be used effectively as a part of the overall training strategy for healthcare professionals or it can completely replace the traditional classroom-based training in some cases.