Microlearning: The Future Of Corporate Training

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Microlearning relates to delivering learning in small pieces and it focuses on short-term learning activities. A typical microlearning activity could be watching a brief video, doing a quiz or playing a learning based game. In the context of workplace learning, modern learning management systems provide opportunities to incorporate small chunks of learning that employees can access at their own pace. Microlearning is a great tool for learning specific tasks or concepts required by the employee’s role. Here some main advantages of microlearning.

Advantages of microlearning?

Flexibility and accessibility. Modern learners have less time to attend traditional training and microlearning can be made accessible on any device which means that learning materials can be accessed whenever employees have spare time.

Knowledge retention. Microlearning allows employees to receive learning materials in small segments, therefore they have a chance to absorb and retain information quickly. The flexibility of microlearning makes it easy to engage in learning when and where learners prefer which means that they can find a perfect environment for their learning.

Engagement. Microlearning can include interactive activities like quizzes or games which can make learning process more engaging.

Are there any disadvantages of microlearning?

However, there are some disadvantages related to microlearning because not all employee training can be delivered through microlearning. Microlearning is not suitable for learning very complex tasks or skills. What is more, microlearning may not be the primary online training method for long-term performance goals because it is focused on more specific learning objectives.

Microlearning can be used as part of the overall online training strategy or on its own if it meets the needs of the business.