Effective Compliance Training for Pharmaceuticals

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Effective Compliance Training for Pharmaceuticals

With such an influx of new drugs to prevent, treat and manage patients’ conditions, the pressure on health professionals to keep up-to-speed on all the latest offerings is significant. In addition, as regulations become more stringent (particularly in countries like India where significant numbers of pharmaceuticals are exported) effective compliance training for pharmaceuticals is of paramount importance.

Bitesize Learning

When the FDA approves a new drug for prescription, it’s vital that resellers and health professionals receive a comprehensive and expedited training session. Promatum is innovative knowledge management software that can be used with LMS platforms such as Totara. Instead of a structured, assignment-based course, Promatum can deliver bitesize learning for manufacturers, wholesalers, employees and clients. So when a new drug is available, everyone connected with the product can receive the necessary training, tailored to their needs.

As many hospital doctors and nurses work long hours, it’s not always feasible for them to take the time to attend courses on site. The beauty of Promatum is that it can be accessed remotely – even from a cell phone – so that training can take place when it’s convenient. And with built-in tracking and reporting to see who’s engaging with the training, it’s simple to see results and pinpoint who still needs to participate.


For drug companies with operations in countries like China and India, maintaining compliance can be problematic. India’s government is now completely rewriting their Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1940 to improve the efficacy and quality of drugs and medical devices. Essentially this is being done to allow regulation of biologics, regenerative medicines and clinical trials. Needless to say, the impact on compliance training for pharmaceuticals will be immense.

Depending on the severity of the rewrite, training may need to take place as a formally assessed course via a platform such as Totara LMS, or it could be done in smaller, one-off units through Promatum. To keep the trainees engaged and performing well, it’s important to ensure that the content is interesting, varied and interactive. Incorporating different elements such as video, games, quizzes and other interactive activities will make the learning experience more endurable and even fun. This in turn encourages learning modules to be completed quickly and effectively.

Maintaining a best practice policy for training in the pharmaceutical industry is imperative for obvious reasons and acquiring an in-depth knowledge on all the new drugs available is no easy task. Incorporating learning software such as Promatum into your existing LMS can make training far more flexible, accessible and effective. Find out more.