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How are Cosmetics Businesses Approaching Corporate Learning

Posted by: Arun
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Businesses all over the world carry out training in different ways. No matter which approach they adopt, the key trend within the cosmetics industry is that self-expression is encouraged in all areas of work, especially when learning. Whether this be in-store or in office, it’s no surprise given that these businesses are centred around creativity. What is surprising though, is the range of directions each company has taken this mantra in. From traditional training to blended learning, to the even more out-there approaches, cosmetics businesses are seeing one of the most diverse selections of corporate learning programmes in action.

MAC Cosmetics

At the more traditional end of the scale, MAC Cosmetics has been working with familiar styles of classroom training, and operates in light of a strong code of conduct. This makes for a more ethical stance on training, which is renewed every year for those in managerial positions to make sure their values are being maintained through learning. As one of the companies that pioneers self-expression above all else, it seems strange that they adhere to an older model. However, from reviews it seems that this approach is having a positive effect on workers; as the saying goes, don’t try to fix something if it isn’t broken.


Clinique places consistent, ongoing training at the top of their list to ingrain learning into their every day. People speak of the emphasis on technical training compared to other cosmetics companies, implying a more thorough learning experience when you start working with them. This would equip employees with a better understanding of how their business is run, especially when paired with the daily support so highly reviewed by staff. In fact, with Clinique’s long and rigorous interview process, potential employees are encouraged to assess strengths and weaknesses, and begin learning before they’ve even gotten the job. All with the aim of moving towards success, Clinique maintains a persistent training scheme from day zero.


Here we see a true blended approach to corporate learning, where L’Oréal are committed to providing the best development for their staff, regardless of their position or the country they’re in. According to their website, they’ve set out a goal to make sure all employees have at least one training session a year by 2020. It seems they’ll be on the way to meet this target, as the statistics show that 77% of employees was already benefiting from these sessions in 2016 with the help of their online training portal ‘My Learning’. Where their true innovation lies however, is in their digital Klaxoon box which allows for interactive learning during classroom training sessions.


It is ethical beauty giant Lush, however, who employ the most unique corporate learning strategy. Aside from the amazing rewards scheme is offers all employees to spur on knowledge and engagement, their strength really lies in their programme that turns managers into leaders. With their catch phrase being ‘leading teams the lush way’, it’s no surprise that Lush uses theatre based training- an entirely unique concept- to train their staff. One article how they simulate real life situations into theatrical scenarios and interactive workshops throughout the year so that employees can live values they endorse.