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The Best LMS (Learning Management Systems) of 2017

Posted by: Sean Gilligan
Category: Industry insights

In today’s hugely competitive business market, how to train staff to a high-level quickly and effectively, has become a key topic of discussion. One of the most cost-effective ways of training staff is through e-learning. Not only can e-learning save you money in terms of actual training costs, but if implemented effectively, it can contribute to a measurable growth in sales. A learning management system (LMS) is software designed to aid in the documentation, tracking and delivery of training programs. Effective learning management systems can provide delivery of course materials, analytics on the outcome of any assignments, and even report on specific course attendance.

With high staff turnover being an increasing issue for many companies, offering continuous training opportunities can help to minimise this turnover. Training helps provide staff with transferrable skills and can act as an incentive for team members to stay with the company.

From supporting classrooms, to acting as a platform for entirely online business training, learning management systems are designed to be used far and wide. However, finding the best learning management systems for your company can be a laborious task, which is why here at Webanywhere, we’ve explored the best LMS of 2017.

Totara LMS


Totara LMS is an open-source, scalable and configurable LMS. Designed specifically for the needs of a modern fast-paced corporate environment, this leaning management system is a powerful device, enabling you to facilitate and manage the online training for all aspects of your business. Totara is currently used by an array of organisations, from blue chip companies to new-starters, it’s currently used by over 120 institutions. Trusted by many, some of the current users of Totara learning management system include EasyJet, Tesco and BMI Healthcare.


Totara LMS gives you total flexibility. No software installation is required, making it the ideal learning management system for today’s busy lifestyle. Anyone anywhere can access Totara through their web browser, making it simple and intuitive to use. With no software installation, your business doesn’t have to waste company hours waiting for the software to install, nor does it waste resources using IT staff.

With advanced reporting and analytics, Totara allows you to set flexible appraisals, learning plans, and even self-service course booking. On top of this, learning plans can be completely individualised, whether it be self-led or manager-led, Totara offers complete flexibility in managing development, ongoing performance and the setting of longer-term career goals. This flexibility is key to a successful learning management system. As well as monitoring team achievements and being able to set individualised goals, Totara also allows you to manage your classroom as a whole. Classroom management allows you to take registers and even allows your learners to seek management approval for certain tasks.

It is also possible to manage how training is assigned to your staff. New starters can be automatically pre-assigned training when they log in, and even cascaded through their training, meaning as soon as they finish level one training, they’re automatically given access to level two.

By providing such a tailorable e-learning platform, companies can see tangible results from their investment in Totara learning management system. With the ability to track the online attendance of courses, through to automatic reminders for appraisals, Totara can take your business to the next level, providing you with a truly flexible and advanced e-learning system.

Getting your team trained effectively is the first step in advancing your business. Choosing the right learning management system for your business is a decision not to be taken lightly. With different LMS offering different levels of flexibility, usability and different add-on features, it’s important that you know what it is your business requires. Should you need any help in choosing the right LMS for your business, no matter how big or small, contact us on 0113 3200 750 or visit Webanywhere.