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7 ways to improve uptake of your LMS

Posted by: Arun
Category: Industry insights, LMS Solutions

A successful LMS deployment depends on more than just the technology involved. The strategies that the management team use to launch the LMS are just as, if not more, important if you wish to ensure it is a success. We’ve examined several key techniques that you can use to improve take up within your organisation.

A Central Resource

Modern businesses have large numbers of systems in place. Using your LMS as the central location to point staff at the right system for their need will increase uptake and ensure that the LMS is the first system users look to for information.

Gamification and rewards

The Mozilla Open Badges system makes it easy to create game based incentives for staff, this can encourage further uptake of the LMS. As well as this, league tables of team results and prizes for the best scores can encourage healthy competition.

Mobile Access

These days most staff have access to at least one mobile device. Ensuring that the LMS is easy to use via mobile will mean that staff can access learning materials conveniently and on a platform that they are familiar with.

Blended training

The LMS can be used to host preparatory work for a face to face training session. It can also host notes from the session and follow up work to ensure that knowledge is embedded. Combining this with the ability to book sessions online, means the LMS is central to face to face training.

Bitesize “Just in Time” training

An LMS is an ideal platform for “Just in Time” training. This can allow users to look up facts and check information on company processes or tasks (like on a search engine). This can make a workforce more efficient and increase ROI on the LMS.

Social Learning

Forums and chat rooms are an ideal place to get staff to share ideas and answer each other’s questions. These can be hosted on an LMS and help encourage communities. Collaborative work and glossaries can also help you leverage staff experience.

Mandatory Learning

Hosting mandatory training and inductions on the LMS helps to ingrain it as part of your company’s culture. This ensures all staff get used to taking training online and can help them see other resources that are available.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas about how to increase usage of your LMS. If you have any questions or want to find out more please get in touch.