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How to use the 3 Big M’s to Create Successful e-Learning Courses

Posted by: Arun
Category: Industry insights

According to Michael W. Allen the three M’s should be used or looked at when developing an e-learning course, as it will increase the chance of the course being a success.  If all three are not included, chances are the learning will fail, therefore it is imperative that your courses are meaningfulmemorable and motivational.


This is one of the key drivers for any task that you’re wanting people to complete. Seeing as though you can’t force people to learn, you can try and make it more fun and rewarding to complete. Consider building tangible rewards into the learning as an added incentive.

Encouragement through positive emotions such as satisfaction, fulfillment and realisation is an option that could make learners want to invest more effort into the learning. Create courses that provide intrigue and instil curiosity for the learner. Consider using real life examples or situations so that they are able to empathise with the situation.


One of the most common mistakes in e-learning course design is assuming; assuming that the learner already has a basic knowledge of the subject area. It’s more than likely that they don’t, so designers need to take a step backwards and change focus. The learners need to see the relevance of the material and how they will benefit from it.

If the subject matter and learning material is meaningful to the learner they will then be actively engaged with the course that they are completing.


Learning material needs to leave a lasting impression to be worthwhile. One of the best ways to do this would be integrate a physical activity. This could include a practice test, where they are using the information that they have just learnt to answer the questions. Incorrect answers could then aid in reinforcing the correct answer. A great way to understand if you’ve got the concept right is to combine ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘do’ – this will help the learner internalise and retain the information more effectively.


Combine these three M’s into your e-learning modules and see the positive increase in learning. It doesn’t have to be boring or passive and with the three M’s this should ensure that you have correct, dynamic learning environment.