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Create Engaging Presentations with your LMS

Posted by: Arun
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Most readers will know that there are plenty of web tools and apps which are freely available to download. But while there are ever-increasing numbers of free resources, how many are actually of any use in making our lives easier, more productive or more efficient?

The irony is that while the supply of free resources is accelerating, the demand for these also seems to be growing in response to the need for more flexible, cheaper and on-demand applications. The problem is that even after hours of trawling the internet and reading numerous  blog entries (like this one!),  willing users may be no nearer to finding the right software tool for them.

One such example is the area of business presentation software. After the recent ‘Death by PowerPoint’ uprising, and the advancement of new web 2.0 tools, users are scanning the marketplace for solutions that not only extend their presentation capabilities, but provide real audience engagement and drive the changes in behaviour that are desired outcomes for most business presenters.

This is of particular importance for HR and Training Managers that use Learning Management Systems (LMS) within their organisation. Since an LMS is designed to track and report on individuals’ progress, sometimes it is beneficial to create learning plans that incorporate a variety of tools within the learning environment as opposed to repeatedly force-feeding a SCORM activity with the standard reading followed by a test or quiz.

Create presentations within your LMS

Having considered this dilemma, I believe I have identified a useful solution option. It’s called Prezi, and is available at www.prezi.com. I’ve seen several free or low cost online presentation tools which enable the user to create Flash animations, but in this writer’s view, very few provide the invigorating presentation experience that Prezi does. Instead of the viewer being subjected to a long series of standard PowerPoint slides (which can sap the willpower of even the most enthused and dedicated audience), the Prezi tool delivers a dynamic interface which is all created in a single page that the PC or laptop screen tracks, in a similar way to a smartphone touchscreen.

Within the Prezi tool, users can also embed other Web 2.0 tools which include YouTube video, images, audio media files and even Screenr files (for on-screen demo recordings). This means your now-fully-interactive presentations can throw off the shackles of static PPT slide shows for good, letting you engage with the audience in previously unknown ways!

Training managers can even embed Prezi presentations using the HTML code within their LMS and link to them directly within individual courses. Although this presentation is not trackable (unlike a SCORM object) within the LMS, it can be used as an introduction to a topic, as a learning object which can be referenced from within a discussion forum or an online quiz.

That’s about all for now!

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Conor Gilligan, Head of Corporate Operations at Webanywhere Ltd