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Webanywhere, Inc offer expert Moodle services for schools and colleges in the USA. Moodle is the world's most popular learning platform with over 80,000 sites registered in over 200 countries. It is designed by educators for education providers, and is under constant development, with new plug-ins being added daily.

As an official Moodle Partner in the US, we offer a wide range of services, so whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we can help.

Why Moodle?

  • It is   an open source platform, so there are no contracts or per-user licensing costs to pay each year
  • The money you save from using an open source platform can be redeployed into your LMS - allowing you to have a more content rich and unique solution
  • MIS integration allows you to integrate with your management system, saving significant time on admin tasks for your staff
  • The platform enables you to facilitate more personalized learning, reaching outside the classroom in a more engaging way for staff, students and parents alike

An LMS that meets your learning needs

Moodle enables teachers to take the most effective aspects of their classroom practice and transfer them into an online home teaching and learning environment. As the platform is web based, staff and students have 24/7 access to resources and activities, enabling learning to reach beyond the classroom.

Moodle not only comes with an impressive array of ever increasing features, but it is also highly configurable, allowing for customization, meeting the individual requirements of your school. As an  open source platform, it is constantly being reviewed through a community of developers with updates and plug-ins being created daily. Furthermore, it means that there are no license fees to pay, so your budget can stretch that bit further.

With a community of over 70 million users across the globe, Moodle is already the most widely used school learning management system in the world.

Why choose Webanywhere to support your Moodle?

Webanywhere have been providing Moodle services to clients since 2005, and over that time we've gained experience in tailoring the system to the specific needs of schools. What’s more, we are an official Moodle Partner in the USA allowing us to offer a full range of services, from initial setup and training to ongoing technical support. We're serious about contributing to the community - we host regular Moodle conferences, inviting specialists working at the cutting edge of learning technology to share their ideas with teachers.

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